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Electrical Engineering Technology, AAS


G3 Eligible Program- Qualifying students may have ZERO costs for tuition, fees, and textbooks. 
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PURPOSE: This two-year degree prepares students for jobs as entry-level electricians and electrician helpers. This  degree is offered at the Chester Campus. All career-technical degrees are guided by advisory committees comprised of local business leaders.

CREDENTIALS:  An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is a major in a career-technical area that takes two years for full-time students to complete.  Although the purpose of an AAS degree is to gain skills for employment, some transfer institutions may accept some or all of the courses from an AAS major. Completion of this degree will also expedite the certification process set by the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, providing the graduate a two year path to becoming state certified as a journeyman electrician. Student can also complete the Career Studies Certificate in Residential Electricity during their program.

The college has entered into a regional reciprocity agreement through NC-SARA to accept out-of-state students (except for students residing in California) in our online programs and courses. Students may contact the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) at 804-225-2600 or for information related to state agency contacts for complaint resolution. General disclosure information about external certification or licensure requirements outside the state of Virginia may be found at   

TRANSFER INFORMATION: This program is not intended for transfer. Students desiring to transfer should consult their academic advisors and their intended transfer institutions for specific direction in program and course selection. More information can also be found at

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Students must meet Brightpoint admission requirements. New students should work with their New Student Navigator to get ready for their first semester. They can also email for assistance. Continuing students should work with their faculty advisor on academic planning and graduation requirements.

PROGRAM OUTCOMES:  By the completion of this program, students will be expected to demonstrate an intermediate level of competency in the following skills: 

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and application of direct and alternating currents, resistance, magnetism, inductance and capacitance in industry practice. 
  2. Install functioning, safe, and efficient electrical circuits. 
  3. Install and repair functioning, safe, and efficient residential circuits. 
  4. Apply the National Electrical Code along with State and local codes to the industrial wiring process. 
  5. Communicate an understanding of the concepts of magnetism and generators used in electrical motor applications. 
  6. Communicate an understanding of the concepts of magnetism and generators used in electrical motor applications. 

Required Courses

Course NameCredits:Semester TakenNotes
SDV 100 - College Success Skills 1 credit
ELE 150 - A.C. and D.C. Circuit Fundamentals 4 credits
ELE 133 - Practical Electricity l 3 credits
ELE 110 - Home Electric Power (Offered Fall Only) 3 credits
ELE 131 - National Electrical Code I 3 credits
SAF 130 - Industrial Safety – OSHA 10 1 credit
ELE 127 - Residential Wiring Methods (Offered Spring Only) 3 credits
ELE 151 - Electrical Troubleshooting (Offered Spring only) 3 credits
MTH 111 - Basic Technical Mathematics Additional Course Options: MTH 154, MTH 161, MTH 162, MTH 263, MTH 264. 

Prerequisite(s): MDE 10 or other placement methods. 

3 credits
ELE 159 - Electrical Motors (Offered Spring Only)

Prerequisite(s): ELE 150.

3 credits
PSY 200 - Principles of Psychology

Prerequisite(s): Eligible for ENG 111.

3 credits
ENG 115 - Technical Writing Additional Course Options: ENG 111 

Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of EDE 10 or placement into ENG 111.   

3 credits
ELE 156 - Electrical Control Systems (Offered Fall Only) 3 credits
MEC 154 - Mechanical Maintenance I 3 credits
ELE 137 - National Electrical Code – Industrial (Offered Fall Only) 3 credits
ITE 152 - Introduction to Digital Literacy and Computer Applications 3 credits
ELE 138 - National Electrical Code Review I (Offered Spring only) 3 credits
PHI 220 - Ethics and Society Additional Course Options: ART 101, ART 102, REL 100, REL 230, PHI 100  3 credits
SOC 200 - Introduction to Sociology 3 credits

Restricted Technical Electives (Choose 2): 6 Credits

From the following prefixes: ELE, ENE, CAD, IND, MEC, AIR

Course NameCredits:Semester TakenNotes
ELE 239 - Programmable Controllers (Offered Fall Only) 3 credits
ELE 240 - Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers (Offered Spring Only)

Prerequisite(s): ELE 239.

3 credits

Additional Course Options: ENE 104, IND 101, IND 116, IND 137, CAD 151, CAD 241, AIR 121, AIR 122, AIR 134, MEC 113, MEC 131, MEC 132. 

Total Minimum Credits to Complete: 60


Pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements can be found in course details.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete their ENG, MTH, and SDV requirements first.

Credit for SAF 130 will be granted with a prior OSHA 10 or 30 certification. Proof of successful completion with a valid OSHA issued card will be required.

Students should regularly meet with their faculty advisor and check their degree progress by accessing advisement reports in the Student Information System (SIS) in the myBrightpoint portal or the Academic Planner in Navigate.

To determine eligibility for the Residential Electricity Career Studies Certificate (CSC), students should consult their faculty advisor.

Courses noted as Fall only or Spring only are based on historical trends and current planning and may change without notice.