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Business Management, AAS

PURPOSE: This two-year degree prepares students for jobs in office and retail management and supervision. This degree is not designed for transfer to a four-year college. All career-technical degrees are guided by input from local business leaders. All career-technical degrees are guided by advisory committees comprised of local business leaders.

CREDENTIALS: An Associate of Applied Science degree is a major in a career-technical area that takes two years for full-time students to complete.  Although the purpose of an AAS degree is to gain skills for employment, some transfer institutions may accept some or all of the courses from an AAS major.

TRANSFER INFORMATION: This program is not intended for transfer. Students desiring to transfer should consult their academic advisors and their intended transfer institutions for specific direction in program and course selection.  More information can also be found at

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Students must meet Brightpoint admission requirements. New students should work with their New Student Navigator to get ready for their first semester. They can also email for assistance. Continuing students should work with their faculty advisor on academic planning and graduation requirements.

PROGRAM OUTCOMES: By the completion of this program, students will be expected to demonstrate an intermediate level of competency in the following skills:

  1. Convey the ethical and legal implications of managerial decisions, and the effect of those decisions on organizational stakeholders.
  2. Apply basic management principles in first-line supervisory situations.
  3. Recognize and apply basic economic principles related to macroeconomic and microeconomic theories.
  4. Demonstrate basic proficiency in creation of spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel.
  5. Demonstrate college-level communication skills relevant to the business discipline.

Required Courses

Course NameCredits:Semester TakenNotes
SDV 100 - College Success Skills 1 credit
ENG 111 - College Composition I

Prerequisite(s): EDE 10, co-enrollment in EDE 11, or other placement measures.   

3 credits
MTH 154 - Quantitative Reasoning Additional Course Options: MTH 161  or MTH 263 

Prerequisite(s): MDE 10, co-enrollment in MDE 54, or other placement methods.

3 credits
ACC 211 - Principles of Accounting I 3 credits
BUS 100 - Introduction to Business 3 credits
ITE 152 - Introduction to Digital Literacy and Computer Applications 3 credits
BUS 200 - Principles of Management 3 credits
ACC 212 - Principles of Accounting II

Prerequisite(s): ACC 211 or equivalent.

3 credits
BUS 201 - Organizational Behavior 3 credits
BUS 205 - Human Resource Management 3 credits
BUS 220 - Introduction to Business Statistics    Or ACC 215.  Additional course option: BUS 224.

Prerequisite(s): MTH 154

3 credits
BUS 266 - Production and Operations Management

Prerequisite(s): MTH 154.

3 credits
CST 100 - Principles of Public Speaking Additional Course Options: CST 110. 3 credits
ITE 140 - Spreadsheet Software 3 credits
MKT 201 - Introduction to Marketing 3 credits
BUS 240 - Introduction to Business Law 3 credits
PHI 111 - Logic Additional Course Option: PHI 220   3 credits
ECO 201 - Principles of Macroeconomics Additional Course Option: ECO 202.  3 credits
  • Select 2 approved electives from the following:
  • Management Focus: BUS 111, BUS 204, BUS 206. 

    Business Focus:          BUS 116, BUS 280. 

    Marketing Focus:       CST 221 or, MKT 221 (credit will not be awarded for both), MKT 282, MKT 284.   Credits / Units: 6 credits

    BUS 298 - Seminar and Project 3 credits

    Total Minimum Credits to Complete: 61


    Pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements can be found in course details.

    Students are strongly encouraged to complete their ENG, MTH, and SDV requirements first.

    Students should regularly meet with their faculty advisor and check their degree progress by accessing advisement reports in the Student Information System (SIS) in the myBrightpoint portal or the Academic Planner in Navigate.

    Courses that state Fall only or Spring only are based on historical trends and current planning and may change without notice.

    To determine eligibility for the Business Information Management Career Studies Certificate (CSC), students should consult their faculty advisor.