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2022-2023 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2022-2023 Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pollution Prevention - Environmental Management Policy


To establish a policy for pollution prevention and environmental management

Policy 10.18 Pollution Prevention-Environmental Management


Section 10.1-1425 to 1425.4 of the Code of Virginia (SB 287) specifies that the Department of Environmental Quality will serve as the lead agency for the Commonwealth’s recycling efforts, but that each agency will implement the actual procedures. Toward this goal, the college will seek to maximize collection of waste products for disposal at certified recycling centers. Such recyclables as office paper, newspaper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, used motor oil, scrap metal, plastic, bi-metal cans, arboreal waste (grass, leaves, etc.), used vehicle tires, batteries, anti-freeze and other material will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.


Wherever practical the Business Office will make efforts to procure products made partially or fully of recycled raw materials.

Waste Reduction

The college will take action to minimization of the amount of waste material generated through concerted waste reduction activities.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Performance.

The college will comply with the Department of General Services - Virginia Energy Conservation and Environmental Standards (VEES) for all construction, renovation and operation of its facilities. (Reference: to DEB Notice 120108 and Virginia Code 2.2-1182.

Storm Water Management

The college will comply with State and Federal regulatory requirement regarding soil and erosion control and storm water management.

Illicit Discharges

No college employee, student, visitor, or contractor shall throw, drain, or otherwise discharge, or allow others under its control to throw, drain, or otherwise discharge into the Brightpoint Community College’s storm water drainage system any pollutants or waters containing any pollutants, other than storm water. Please notify the proper authorities as outlined below.

Notification of Illicit Discharges

  1. In the event of a suspected illicit discharge:
    1. Do NOT touch or attempt to clean up the substance
    2. Notify the nearest college faculty, staff member, Security Services, or Facilities

Security Services Locations and Contact Information for Reporting Illicit Discharges

  1. Chester Campus
    Desk locations: Moyar Hall – 1st floor (across from M101); Moyar Hall - 2nd floor (near M221); Goyne Hall - lobby; Nicholas Student Center – inside main entrance
  2. Midlothian Campus
    Desk locations: Administration Building – atrium; Eliades Hall – 2nd floor (next to E215); Hamel Hall – 1st floor (near H109); T-Building – main lobby

Energy Management

The college will take action to reduce energy consumption through performance contracting and the use of energy management control systems.